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The "Safety First" HVAC Service Company 

in Fort St. John

At Cal-Tec Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning Sales & Service Ltd we believe there is nothing more important than safety. Based in Fort St. John, all of our employees attend daily tailgate safety meetings where new procedures are communicated. Our daily safety meetings also act as a refresher for the safety guidelines that we all follow.

A Continuous Commitment to Safety

All employees go through extensive safety training or have received appropriate training before being hired by Cal-Tec Refrigeration Heating & Air Conditioning Sales & Service Ltd. What's more, employees receive continuous safety training to ensure they are up to date on all regulations after joining our team.

Some of our safety certifications include:

• CFC/HCFC/HFC certified 



•  ISNetworld  

•  Avetta



Contact us for more information about our HVAC services or our commitment to safety in the workplace.

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